Situ Gede Lake Bogor

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Judul : Situ Gede Lake Bogor
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Situ Gede Lake Bogor

situ gede lake bogor
situ gede bogor

Situ Gede lake is one name of a small lake located in the Village of Situ Gede, Bogor western city of Bogor. Lake Situ Gede is by the locals, has been better known as the Lake Situ Ageng. The vast lake is big it has reached 47 ha with a water depth of 6 meters. Lake Situ Gede is one of the attractions in the form of a lake that is closest to the city center.

Tourist attractions lake Situ Gede was first developed by the Dutch as a destination for the irrigation of thousands of hectares of rice fields of the population, of which covers an area in District Kawalu, Mangkubumi, Indihiang, and also Cibeureum. Then in the middle of the lake there is also an island. There is also a Eyang (grandparent) Prabudilaya tomb, which he was a prominent ruler in the past that the myth has become a legend for the people of Tasikmalaya.

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The beauty of the lake and also the beauty of the landscape is an important potential that has been set as a priority Attractions: Lake Situ Gede Bogor. In addition you can also freely enjoy the beautiful Lake Situ Gede with the way down the lake with a raft ride that can be rented at a relatively cheap price, ie the price of only IDR 10,000. While down also enjoy the lake, you can also visit the island in the middle of the lake for pilgrimage at the tomb of Eyang (grandparents) Prabudilaya or can also enjoy his quiet forest lake Situ Gede tourist place with a variety of flora and fauna as well. In addition, the visitors will also be treated to a variety of ecological tourist charms in the form of natural herbs that are widely available around this lake. Later in the sights of the lake Situ Gede, visitors can also do some other activity that is no less enjoyable, like fishing meupun learn to capture fish. In addition, there are many stalls located around the lake, which is specialized in providing a meal by serving a variety of menus that come from fish.

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