Horog Horog Jepara

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Judul : Horog Horog Jepara
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Horog Horog Jepara

horog horog sate khas jepara
horog horog jepara
Horog - horog of food starch is cooked for 10 hours in a special way. Steamed flour starch in a dry state so that it becomes smaller clumps. The process is very long and many times up and down the steaming then processed and steamed again. Horog - horog very tasteful and suitable eaten with any meal. Horog - horog very tasty meatballs, ice compote horog - horog no less fresh, eaten with satay was super delicious, can also be mixed vegetable pecel guaranteed delicious.

Materials to make Horog -Horog

Horog - horog typical Jepara Indonesia
Horog - horog typical Jepara
Basic materials horog - horog or horok - horok is flour made from coconut trees. The method uses a pick comb. The form small granules resembling styrofoam foam chewy with slightly salty flavor. To obtain a palm tree, the craftsman from Jepara to hunt outside the region, such as to Pati and Blora . This palm flour, after cleaning, then steamed until cooked and after cooled, Horok - horok be textured chewy. For the people of Jepara is a source of carbohydrate as a substitute for rice or rice cake

Uniqueness Making of Horog - Horog

Horog - horog combined with bakso culinary jepara
Horog - horog combined with bakso
Ability possessed by the makers horog - horog not be able to produce products that enjoyable. Therefore, delicious or bad results depend on the liver makes. Sincerity of the makers in the process horog - horog determine the quality of the product while if the creator is upset or angry, the product to fail. Similarly, they also have to clean themselves. Horog horog - makers should be physically clean, especially the hands. If the hand still leaves a fishy smell and impose to process the results will quickly rot.

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