Zefiro Torna

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Judul : Zefiro Torna
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Zefiro Torna

The italian phrase ' Zefiro Torna' can be translated into English as 'Zephyr (the ancient greek god of the west wind) returns'. With only 39 days until my trip back to the land of Europe, I cannot wait for the wind of wanderlust to sweep me off of my feet and lead me to the many adventures that await me during my 6 week European trip that includes visits to Russia, Turkey, France, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 

In this final month until I am once again above the clouds, it seems my motto has become "Another day, another drop-waist dress". Besides my admiration for their general aesthetic appearance, what I love most about drop-waist dresses is their incredible appropriateness for dancing the twist. Drop-waist dresses allow the fun and happiness to be conveyed through the skirts movement whilst minimising any chance of accidentally showing off one's underwear. I truly do not think that I can be any more excited to take off on this adventure and share it with you all.

Wearing: ASOS dress, ASOS heels, MNO.logie clutch, Michael Kors watch, vintage Frankenstein necklace and Pink Loulou rings.

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